Microphones In Singapore: Best For Podcast Streaming

Microphones are devices that translate sound vibrations in the air in electronic signals and scribes to a recording medium or a loudspeaker. These are used in many applications, such as:

  • Telephones
  • Hearing aids
  • Public address systems (public events and concert halls)
  • Motion picture production
  • Live
  • Recorded audio engineering
  • Sound recording
  • Two-way radios
  • Megaphones
  • Radio
  • Television broadcasting

Any of these applications is a reliable and quality mic singapore.

Best mic for podcast steaming

As a podcaster trying to get many listening options available, you need an engaging topic to attract the audience. Those who want to produce a high-quality audio recording, ask these questions:

  1. Which mic is the best for podcasting?
  2. How to set up a professional podcasting studio?

Regardless of the quality of the content, poor audio interferes with the immersive experience you are aiming to achieve in every episode. When the listeners struggle to hear what you are saying. They will hop onto another podcast, delivering a better audio experience. If you will have co-hosts and guests, you need to learn how you can set up multiple mics.

With a range of excellent podcast mics available, there are good choices for each budget. First, you must know the key factors and features to consider when shopping for mics for podcasting.

Right microphone for podcasting set up

For podcasting-specific mics, the option is between condenser and dynamic mics. Both mics record sounds differently.

The dynamic mic turns sound waves into electrical signals through electromagnetism. It employs a diaphragm attached to the coil of wire and records mellow audio tracks with an even tone. A dynamic microphone doesn’t need an external power source. Plus, it is more durable. You can choose a dynamic mic. You are looking for a cheap starter podcasting mic.

The condenser mic is more delicate and sensitive than the dynamic one. It can capture high-frequency sounds and can produce crisp audio recordings. The condenser mic uses a pair of charged metal plates to turn sound waves into electrical signals. One is a fixed plate, while the other is movable and will serve as the diaphragm.

The players need an external power source to work. You may choose a dynamic mic if you are wondering what the best mic is for podcasting. Dynamic mics eject background sounds and are better for regions with essential ambient noise. Condenser microphones have high audio sensitivity and are a good fit for dedicated podcast studios with acoustic treatments because they capture the following:

  • nuances of vocals
  • live music
  • voiceover dialogues

While choosing these two types of best podcasting mics, you can ask the price.

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