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The Impact Of Instagram Likes On Self-Esteem And Self-Worth

Instagram likes boost self-esteem and self-confidence, even if they’re only given by one’s peers. Having a large number of likes on Instagram is associated with higher self-worth. But, when someone is given likes by “likes bots”, they feel much less satisfied and authentic after posting a photo. The issue of Instagram likes affects people’s self-worth negatively, especially if those likes are not credible or given by actual people. Get noticed on Instagram when you buy instagram likes 2023 via Goread.io.

Here are the impact of Instagram likes on self-esteem and self-worth:

  1. The positive impact of Instagram likes on self-esteem and self-worth

A study conducted that polled 12,000 participants showed that 46% of people who have high self-esteem find Instagram to be an important part of their life. What’s more is that the more people have likes on Instagram, the more likely they are to have high self-esteem. It was concluded that “one’s sense of being liked or valued by others through social media may increase one’s overall feelings of worthiness or respectability.”

  1. The negative impact of Instagram likes on self-esteem and self-worth

There are also social media users who have low self-esteem. When they post photos, they hope to get more likes or followers commenting on their pictures. This is because when they get more likes and comments, it shows that they’re respected or liked by others. It was found that young people’s social media use can have a negative relationship with their self-definitions as well as their wellbeing.

  1. How to handle the impact of Instagram likes on self-esteem and self-worth

In order not to have a negative impact on your feelings and general wellbeing, it is advised that you handle social media interaction the following way:

  • Active engagement in writing or adding comments online will help you reduce stress, increase confidence, and boost your self-esteem.
  • If something becomes too much for you or if you feel too much pressure from comparing yourself to others all the time, just simply “unfollow” or “ignore” that account without blocking them. This way, when you’re scrolling through your feed or timeline, it doesn’t show that username anymore.
  • If you’re the one who’s being bullied or if you’re being trolled, just ignore it. Don’t let their negativity affect your mood or your day.
  • If you really have nothing nice to say to that person, don’t comment at all. Just scroll, move on and forget about it.
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