Vishwak Sen & Siddu Jonnalagadda in Unstoppable show

Vishwak Sen & Siddu Jonnalagadda in Unstoppable show

Do you like an entertainment talk show about your favourite celebrities? Everyone would like to watch such talk shows as it would be interesting. So, what if a star conducts a talk show, and the guests are also celebrities? It would be an exciting talk show that would catch the audience’s attention quickly.

Are you a fan of the young Telugu film stars Vishwak Sen and Siddu Johnnalagadda or a big fan of Nandamuri Balakrishna? You must watch this Talk show if you are a fan of any of them or all of them. Apart from that, many other celebrities appear in its different episodes. If you want to watch this top-rated talk show, then aha is the best place.

The cast of Unstoppable Show

The talk show Unstoppable is hosted by the famous Telugu film star Nandamuri Balakrishna. It is a talk show where many favourite celebrities in the Telugu film industry appear as guests. Some highly popular cast members who appeared as guests for this talk show are Allu Arjun, S S Rajamouli, Rashmika Mandana, Ravi Teja, etc.

Vishwak Sen and Siddu Jonnalagadda in Unstoppable with NBK

The young and energetic Telugu film stars Vishwak Sen, and Siddu Jonnalagadda appeared as guests in Unstoppable with the God of Masses. Both of them appeared in the 2nd episode of Unstoppable Season 2.

What can you expect from Unstoppable?

Unstoppable is a famous talk show that has become one of the top-rated shows in India. It has received a high rating on IMDb and is the most viewed show on the aha-OTT platform. It is a complete entertainment talk show wherein Nandamuri Balakrishna plays a fun role that keeps all the viewers entertained. If you are expecting a normal celebrity talk show, then Unstoppable is far beyond your expectations.

Unstoppable talk show review

Nandamuri Balakrishna, one of the famous Telugu film stars, has made the show Unstoppable famous. Apart from that, most of all, the viewers, who are not even fans of NBK, have provided positive reviews. The performance of Nandamuri Balakrishna in the talk show, regardless of being a famous legend, is the primary reason for the massive success of this film show.

Watch the highly popular celebrity talk show Unstoppable only in aha

Aha is the best place for you to watch all the episodes of Unstoppable online at any time you want. Currently, aha is available as a web and mobile application. Thus, you can conveniently watch all your favourite Telugu shows at your home. But you need an aha subscription to watch this talk show and many others in aha, like web series, movies, etc.

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